Thanks to the timely intervention of our expert, our customer managed to maintain a key customer of his affiliate on the Arabian Peninsula.

Bookbinding gluing

Thanks to the successful implementation of a project in Sydney, Australia, our company was presented with the requirement to commission the printing process for the production of textbooks in Kuwait. The problem this time was not only in the correct application of adhesive, but in the production settings. The machines were more than 50 years old and the operators lacked both knowledge and experience.


With regard to the type of paper, it was necessary to set the book back milling operation properly. The next step was the choice of the correct adhesive, reactive PUR in this case. Adhesive must be applied in a layer with correct and constant thickness. The last step was to create a transport path on which the adhesive would have enough time to cure, and the binding would not disintegrate during handling.


Despite the short time set out by the Kuwaiti Government for commissioning, the language and cultural barriers and obsolete production technology, the production was eventually launched in the required quality. The final product was approved by the Ministry of Education, which represents 90% of our customer's sales, so is a key customer for them.

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