Gluing technology for health care

Health care

Kaletech offers comprehensive systems for the processing and application of thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives, cosmetic products and any other materials used in the production of medical devices.

Specially adapted slit nozzles apply adhesive very precisely either continuously or intermittently. The range is complemented by a wide array of spray application heads for minimum applied weights and speeds of up to 1,000 metres per minute and more.

Solutions are available for the production of medical materials such as operating covers, tissues and breathing masks.

Contact us. We will design a tailor-made adhesive application system for health care for you and provide training in its use. You can rely on our service, or try the technology in advance in our rental shop. We also offer our customers the possibility of production and development of new materials in our rewound materials production centre.

Typical applications in health care
  • Inline backing
  • Backing lamination (TBS/Offline)
  • Absorption layer fixation
  • Top layer fixation
  • Centring tape
  • Wings
  • Quick packaging, disposable packaging
  • Absorbent layers
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Cuff design
  • Elastic waistband
  • Front tapes
  • Humidity indication
  • Tissue layering using hot-melt adhesive
  • Tissue layering using cold adhesive
  • Hot application of cosmetic products
  • Cold application of cosmetic products

What we have been able to solve

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Gluing of medical material
Gluing of medical material

Application of spray gluing for medical material

The universal solution of the technology allows the production of a large number of product variants.

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Gluing of respirator filters
Gluing of respirator filters

Production of filters for FFP3 breathing masks

Thanks to a collaborative robot solution, the customer can produce per shift more than 8,000 masks with the highest level of respiratory protection.

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VA manufacturer of medical material for operating rooms contacted Kaletech requiring a solution for the gluing of impermeable membranes and non-woven fabric.


The solution consisted of the use of a spray adhesive application. It was necessary to set an appropriate layer of adhesive, which is applied to the patient's skin with optimal force, while guaranteeing the impermeability of the material. Fixed application heads are switched on depending on the desired quantity of the product.


On a complex production line it is possible to produce up to 86 different products using the same equipment.

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The customer's request was to create a solution for creating an assembly for the filter and its anchorage in a plastic body at an application temperature of 110 °C.


The solution was to use an application head attached to a collaborative robot that cooperates with the production operator. It was necessary to select an appropriate adhesive and set the optimum dosage for the assembly with a wide dimension tolerance field.


The technology adjusted in this way communicates with the robot and doses adhesives as needed automatically. It can produce more than 15,000 filters a day.

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