We are professionals in industrial gluing

We offer comprehensive services for the customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the field of industrial gluing technology, where we have more than 15 years of experience. We will design a hot-melt or cold adhesive application system precisely according to your requirements, install it and show you how to work with it. Within the framework of our support, we also offer service, equipment rental and training of employees. Everything is based on high-quality Swiss technology from Robatech, our long-term partner.

Industrial gluing technology

We will find the optimal solution for your industry

Automotive industry

Interiors, rear-view mirrors, roof lining, damping and thermal insulation parts, seat covers, lamps and more


Profile broaching, board laminating, edge banding, wood repairs

Packaging and cardboard items

Box packaging, labelling, cardboard production


Hardback, paperback, printed material processing, envelope production


Clothing, upholstery, shoes, construction and furniture fabrics

Construction materials

Insulation materials, films and foils, brick bonding, soundproof materials

Health care

Respirators, filters, sanitary articles, tissues


No product is unknown to us, we can design any solution for your field


Why to choose KALETECH

  1. Professional selection of the right technology
    Thanks to years of experience in the field of industrial gluing, we are able to choose the right equipment
  2. We like challenges
    Instead of looking for excuses, we try to find a solution. Even the most difficult applications do not intimidate us.
  3. Selection and delivery of a high quality adhesive
    The use of a suitable adhesive is the basis for success. We will choose the best option for your application.
  4. Custom development
    Who stands for a while, stands aside in a while. We are constantly learning and trying to improve our knowledge in the sector.


We invite you to the International Engineering Fair in Brno
We invite you to the International Engineering Fair in Brno

We invite you to the International Engineering Fair in Brno

Visit the Kaletech stand in Hall A2, where we will present the latest adhesive technologies.

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Dear business partners,

the traditional International Engineering Fair, which is one of the most important industrial fairs in Central Europe, will take place in Brno from 4 to 7 October 2022. As our partners, we would like to invite you to the Kaletech exhibition stand, which you will find in the hall A2. We will show you a live demonstration of the application of glue using a collaborative robot and a demonstration of the most modern technologies in the field of industrial gluing for all manufacturing sectors.


Automation of gluing with the use of robots

The robots do not get tired and work precisely. Solutions with adhesive head can be used for various shapes of substrates, reduce the consumption of adhesive and production waste.





Vision - the most modern melting unit

Vision is a smart unit for melting thermoplastic adhesives, enabling high-quality and precise adhesive application. Vision is ready for Industry 4.0 and simplify the operation and maintenance of gluing system






The latest adhesive applicators for your industry

Robatech glue applicators enable dot, bead, spray or coating application. They are characterized by high accuracy and a long service life. We will advise you on choosing the right solution for your product.


 Tailored service and maintenance of your device

Thanks to more than 17 years of experience in the field of industrial gluing, we can help you with every device. With regular maintenance and recommendations for use, we will extend the life of your machines.




If you would like to know more about our exhibition and the International Engineering Fair, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form:






We look forward to meeting you in Brno and wish you successful days!



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