About the company

We are a family company that has been operating in the field of industrial gluing for 16 years. Our goal is always to find the optimal solution to the requirements of our customers. We like challenges, and where others see obstacles, we try to find ways leading to the desired results. We use Swiss technology of the highest quality, which we complement with the traditional domestic skill of “golden Czech hands”.

Ing. Martin Kaše | KALETECH s.r.o.
The words of the owner

Dear customers,

When I was a service technician at a competing company, I felt that the field of industrial gluing in the Czech Republic lacked a company that could offer the customer more than just the delivery of machines for the simplest applications. So I approached Swiss company Robatech with an offer to represent them in the Czech Republic. My offer was accepted and we were then able to provide our customers with full support in the area of gluing. During our existence, we have managed to implement a number of non-standard and technically demanding projects, fast service interventions and save you thousands of euros thanks to process optimisation.

We will continue to try to approach you individually and give you exactly what you want.


Ing. Martin Kaše
Company Owner



How it started

The story of the Kaletech premises began in 1872 with the construction of the Municipal Brewery in Planá. It took only 3 years from the beginning of construction to the tapping of the first brew of beer. This was a respectable performance considering the fact that a shovel and a pickaxe represented the pinnacle of construction technology at that time.


A family enterprise is established

In 1912, Karel Nývlt, grandfather of Martin Kaše, bought the brewery and built a soft drinks factory and liqueur production plant next to the brewery. Fruit for soft drinks and liqueurs was collected in the adjacent orchards.


Have you got 15 million? Then you're going to jail for 15 years

Then came 1948 and with it brought “Victorious February”. The brewery premises were nationalised, the family was evicted. Karel Nývlt endured this injustice caused by the regime with difficulty and died shortly thereafter. A long era of property theft and total devastation began. In the course of 4 decades, the well-established business became a cowshed at first, then a hostel, and eventually a total ruin.


We are starting again

Martin Kaše utilised his previous experience in the field of industrial gluing and established an affiliate of Swiss company Robatech in the Czech Republic in 2004. Together with him, life returned to the brewery premises and they embarked upon a very long journey towards restoration and re-use.


Hard work bears the first fruits

Kalep, which specialised in the distribution of industrial adhesives, was founded. A centre for industrial gluing was established next to it. A place for testing adhesives and samples and semi-finished products of rewound materials was made. The customer could get a clear picture of the final product before buying the technology.


We have our own name

Kaletech was established from the Czech subsidiary. Robatech became our partner and exclusive supplier of industrial gluing technology.


The dream becomes reality

After 16 years of work, the original fame of our premises was restored. The chimney smokes again and laughter can be heard from the offices. The brewery building serves as a manufacturing centre for rewound glued materials and a showroom for our products and applications.

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