Quality policy

In view of the defined context of the organisation, the management announces this quality policy, which provides a framework for the strategic focus of the organisation, for setting quality objectives and for continuous improvement of the quality management system.


1 Customer satisfaction

Customer appreciation is a benchmark for determining quality, and we understand quality as customer satisfaction. The aim is to fully meet the requirements and expectations of the customer as well as other legitimate stakeholders.

2 Perfect quality

We wish to have satisfied customers in all aspects. Therefore, the highest possible quality of products delivered and services provided is our ultimate objective. The personal goal of all company employees is to work without errors.

3 Optimal processes

Demands, quotations, and contracts are properly and smoothly processed. Confirmed deadlines must be met unconditionally, and the supply of our products and services must correspond exactly to the customer's specifications.

4 Quality of products purchased

Quality depends largely on the quality of the products purchased. We select our suppliers carefully; we demand only perfect quality. We cooperate closely with our suppliers.

5 Continuous improvement

Changes in the organisation and management are aimed at continuously improving the quality of products and services. It is not enough to only eliminate errors, but it is also necessary to find the cause and rectify it. The same mistake must not be repeated.

6 Competences

Every employee contributes to fulfilling our quality goals with their work. Everyone must know their responsibility and position in the management system. The high quality and responsible work of each employee is a guarantee of the company's success. Knowledge and competences are examined and maintained.

In Planá, 23 July 2018, Ing. Martin Kaše

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