Gluing technology for construction materials

Construction materials

Kaletech offers comprehensive systems for applying thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives, reactive adhesives or cold-applied adhesives designed for the production of construction materials.

The solutions include adhesive coating control using one or more beads, by spraying or area application. The program also includes specific solutions such as a system for the production of insulation materials or the production of foils, floor insulation materials, or glass fibre laminating.

Contact us. We will design a tailor-made adhesive application system for the construction industry for you and provide training in its use. You can rely on our service, or try the technology in advance in our rental shop. We also offer our customers the possibility of production and development of new materials in our rewound materials production centre.

Typical applications in the construction industry
  • Insulation boards
  • Mounting components
  • Floor insulation
  • Lamination of fibreglass products
  • Lamination of foils
  • Profile wrapping
  • Separation walls/partitions

What we have been able to solve

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Gluing of insulation
Gluing of insulation

Gluing of ground AKU bricks with soundproofing

Saving time, space and production costs by choosing a better adhesive and process optimisation

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One of the largest Czech manufacturers of building materials presented Kaletech with the requirement to glue sound insulation wool between two parts of acoustic bricks. This was an improvement of already existing production.


Kaletech offered a solution in the form of replacing the PUR foam with a hot-melt adhesive and process optimisation. In terms of functionality, the hot-melt adhesive was as suitable as the PUR foam.


The result was rapid acceleration of production of one piece, thanks to faster drying of the adhesive. In addition to the time for production of one piece, the customer also saved an area in the production hall thanks to the removal of several dozen metres of belt for drying.

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