Gluing technology for the textile industry


At Kaletech, you will find comprehensive systems for fusing and applying thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives and reactive adhesives used for surface finishing and laminating during the production of textile products.

Specially adapted slit nozzles have an application width of up to 2.6 m and apply a layer of adhesive either as a uniform film or as a layer with a soft and breathable structure. The assortment is complemented by a wide range of spray application heads. The function allowing control of the amount of applied adhesive guarantees precise tolerances when applying the required material.

There are solutions available for the production of textile products such as clothing, automotive upholstery, shoes, construction and furniture fabrics.

Contact us. We will design a tailor-made adhesive application system for the textile industry  for you and provide training in its use. You can rely on our service, or try the technology in advance in our rental shop.

Typical applications in the textile industry
  • Preliminary melting of PSA/EVA in a melting tank
  • Preliminary melting of PUR using drum unloaders
  • PSA/EVA application
  • PUR application
  • PE/PP/PA/COPA application
  • T-PUR (Thermoplastic PUR) application
  • Spraying with flexible materials
  • PSA spraying, slow
  • PSA spraying, fast
  • PUR spraying, slow
  • PUR spraying, fast – contactless application

What we have been able to solve

Backing in the automotive industry
Backing in the automotive industry

Backing of the car boot parcel shelf

Area spray adhesive application on composite material and textiles

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