Gluing technology – Individual solutions


Due to the diverse needs in individual industries, we approach each customer individually and try to find a solution that will best suit their needs.

Thanks to the modular design of our entire range of products, we are also able to provide solutions outside our principal industrial sectors. A successful solution can often be discovered by combining already existing proven technologies.

We offer solutions for various production processes such as the production of gelatine capsules, filters, household appliances and moulds for pressing technologies.

Contact us. We will design a tailor-made adhesive application system and provide training in its use. You can rely on our service, or try the technology in advance in our rental shop.

  • Gel processing in pharmacology
  • “In Line” staining in pharmacology
  • Gel application in pharmacology
  • Production of cables
  • Production of ski waxes
  • Product assemblies in general
  • “Medallion Application”
  • Production of filters
  • Filter frame pouring
  • Gluing of industrial filters
  • Installation of air filters
  • Installation of water filters
  • Gluing foam in the production of mattresses
  • Manufacture of mattresses
  • Anti-rust treatment
  • Sealing/casting of plugs
  • Depilatory tapes with PSA coating
  • Manufacture of batteries for household use
  • Silicone application on stockings
  • Production of solar panels
  • Fixation of coil ends

What we have been able to solve

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Automation of adhesive application for ironing board gluing
Automation of adhesive application for ironing board gluing

Automation of the ironing board gluing process

Switching from a manual work station to automatic allowed the customer to save 25% of the costs for adhesive and 4 production workers

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The customer's request was to optimise the existing process of ironing board gluing, which took place using a manual application gun.


The solution was to switch to an automatic production line. Firmly positioned application heads dose adhesive in a precise constant quantity and in a faster production cycle.


Thanks to the new solution, the customer could save a quarter of the costs for adhesive consumption and 4 production workers, who could be utilised in other parts of the production process.

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