Thanks to the automatic adhesive application management system, we made it possible for our customer to save €35,000 a year on rejects and material.

Automatic control of automotive adhesive coating

A leading automotive upholstery manufacturer contacted Kaletech with a request for automated measurement of adhesive application for upholstery for car door panels. The customer's main requirement was to keep the adhesive deposit between two layers of upholstery materials constant.


The solution consisted of the use of a travelling thermal camera which scans and measures the adhesive coating thickness. It evaluates and gives a warning if the layer breaches the limits or indicates future irregularities and produces a report for quality control. The device has the possibility to change the gluing parameters on-line.


The new solution is more efficient from the point of view of adhesive consumption and thanks to the automated measurement system, the quality of uniformity of its application is monitored continuously. Our customer saves €27,000 per year on rejects and €8,500 on adhesive consumption.

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