How we handled the requirement for automated measurement of adhesive application for upholstery on car door panels.

Automation of adhesive layer measuring detection – we already know how to do it

Automatic measurement of the adhesive layer was a challenge for our experts. A customer contacted Kaletech with a request for the implementation of automated measurement of the adhesive layer for upholstery on car door panels.
We adapted our solution together with the GF Machinery line manufacturer to the customer’s requirements. The result, which generated mutual satisfaction, was due not only to the technical support and expert consultations, but also a willingness to seek unconventional solutions. The gluing technology delivered from Swiss company Robatech has proven itself.

The existing solution is now more efficient from the point of view of adhesive consumption, and thanks to automated measurement, the quality and uniformity of adhesive coating is monitored continuously.
Success does not come at random. Our many years of experience, willingness to explore and seek solutions that are beneficial for the customer are behind this success. And don't quit at the first failure.

After all, this is how we approach every job in Kaletech. We will not be satisfied with half a solution.

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