Quick help to solve a gluing technology failure

Rental of hot-melt gluing equipment

We have the solution to a production outage due to your hot-melt system failure. Your production will not have to stop for this reason. Assistance is fast and optimum in terms of cost flow, too.

Why use the rental service?

  • We provide a substitute solution by hiring out a complete melting unit with accessories. A simple and quick solution in an emergency situation.
  • Are you planning or doing test production, and would like to see the results in advance in order to make a decision about investment in the purchase of a production gluing unit?
  • You need a gluing unit just once. Is it not a waste to transfer the job elsewhere and lose a lot of time and costs?
  • Economic savings
  • Production testing
  • Temporary solution to ensure the operation of production
  • Individual solution to your requests

Call our office on +420 378 605 805, or our dealers (click for contacts).
Individually and operationally, we will propose options for you.
Finding new ways and solutions for our clients gives our work meaning and joy.

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